About the company

OILSORB Company, is expanding , both dynamically and successfully, its activities and sales in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Belorus and Russia. As a manufacturer, the Company specialises in making of OILSORB absorbent and filters.

OILSORB Company is a member of the Estonian Chamber for Commerce and Industries and co-operates with companies involved in oil transit, chemical and power industries.

«OILSORB» absorbent is successfully used for emergency situations to absorb polluting oil products and chemicals in sea ports, petrol filling stations, and also, by rescue and salvage agencies.

The Company experts have gained many-year experience in application of the said absorbent, absorbent-bond material, and other products manufactured by OILSORB Company, as well as experience in liquidation of polluting spread of oil products and chemical liquids, and also, experience in designing and installing the absorbent filters to purify water from oil products.

As an instance, the supply of the absorbent filters for the container terminal at Muuga Port, Tallinn, in 2000, may be noted as one of our major projects.

With our advantages over our competitors in terms of quick execution of orders, timely supply of products ordered by customers, and warranty as to availability of the absorbent material at our stores, we provide superior services; however, the unique properties of the OILSORB absorbent are the most attractive and major features for customers.

OILSORB absorbent is the superior and environmentally safe product for its

simple application
high absorbability
harmless properties
W-sorb which also absorbs chemical solutions
biological decomposition in nature

Our Company will be your reliable assistant and partner. We look forward to providing you our excellent products and superior services.

For OILSORB Company
Victor Boriskin